Bubble Sort, Selection Sort, and Insertion Sort with JavaScript

the joy of sorting
JavaScript .sort() without argument
JavaScript .sort() with comparator function

Bubble Sort

Bubble sort animation
  • declare a function that takes in an array
  • iterate through every single element of the array to compare with the element at the next index
  • if the current element is bigger than the next element, swap their locations
  • have a limit of the upper bound of the iteration so sorted element wouldn’t be compared again
  • return the sorted array
bubble sort code sample

Selection Sort

selection sort animation
  • declare a function that takes in an unsorted array
  • iterate through the data from the start of the array and declare a variable to keep track of the index of the smallest valued element in the unsorted data
  • start an inner loop to compare values to find the smallest values then swap into the right position
  • repeat until sorted and return the array

Insertion Sort

insertion sort animation
  • declare a variable for tracking current value starting with the second value of the array
  • compare that value to the values that comes before it to find the right position in the sorted portion of the array
  • repeat the process until array is sorted
insertion sort sample code




Software Engineer, React.js || Javascript || RoR

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Pan Li

Pan Li

Software Engineer, React.js || Javascript || RoR

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